Stellar: Galaxy Commander


Strategic dueling in deep space


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Stellar: Galaxy Commander is a strategy game developed by King (authors of, among others, Candy Crush Saga) where you're the one at the head of a space fleet fighting off other online players. Our objective: eliminate your enemy mothership before it destroys yours.

The Stellar: Galaxy Commander game system is easy to learn but relatively difficult to master. In each turn you carry out two movements to place your small ships on a grid. As soon as you match up three same-colored ships, you can use them to start your attacks. If you link up ships to form concrete figures, you'll create special attack ships.

Between one battle and the next you'll improve both your ships and your commander. The more powerful your colored ships are, the more heavy fire they'll be able to withstand. Raising your commander level is also very useful, since you can get more out of its special abilities.

Stellar: Galaxy Commander is an excellent strategy game, with original and fun mechanics. Unlike other King games it has a spectacular production values. All in all it makes for a very interesting title to test your tactical skills against rivals around the world.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.4 or higher required

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